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We deliver seamless transportation solutions to our valued customers


We specialize in efficient and dependable transportation solutions. We take immense pride in cultivating strong relationships with our esteemed clients and trusted carriers, fostering a network founded on reliability and trustworthiness.

Our remarkable track record speaks volumes, as we have successfully catered to various industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, retail & consumer goods, food and beverage, automotive, and freight dispatching.

Backed by our industry expertise and comprehensive technology platform, we can optimize routes, consolidate shipments, and ensure punctual deliveries. We handle all aspects of logistics coordination, paperwork, and regulatory compliance, freeing our clients from the burden of managing freight operations. This allows them to focus on their core business with peace of mind.

If you seek a freight broker that delivers personalized service, cost savings, and peace of mind, your search ends here at 2 Sista’s With A Load Logistics!

Let us take charge of your shipping needs, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

Contact us today to explore how we can streamline your supply chain and enhance your shipping capabilities.


At 2 Sista’s With A Load Logistics, we have a clear mission: to deliver seamless transportation solutions to our valued customers. Our commitment lies in harnessing cutting-edge technology to optimize the logistics process, ensuring efficiency while reducing costs. 

We match the perfect carriers with the right shippers; we aim to establish enduring partnerships with our customers, carriers, and employees. Our culture revolves around reliability, accountability, and an unwavering dedication to continual growth. Additionally, we recognize the significance of creating value for all stakeholders while actively contributing to environmental sustainability by minimizing the impact of our operations.


At 2 Sista’s With A Load Logistics, we envision ourselves as the premier freight brokerage company renowned for trustworthiness and dependability. Our reputation is built on our ability to provide innovative solutions, deliver exceptional customer service, and prioritize sustainability. 

With relentless commitment to progress and advancement, we strive to be the preferred option for shippers and carriers. We stand by our promises of excellence, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is meticulously overseen, guaranteeing the optimal solution to reach your destination seamlessly at every step.

We harness cutting-edge technology by using a proficient TMS System and load board to optimize the logistics process, ensuring efficiency while reducing costs.


Freight Matching

We offer efficient and precise freight matching to connect the right carriers with the right shippers seamless

Logistic Consulting

Our logistic consulting service provides expert guidance and strategic solutions to optimize and streamline your supply chain operations.

Freight Booking and Documentation

Our comprehensive service encompasses hassle-free freight booking and meticulous documentation, ensuring seamless and organized transportation logistics.

Carrier Vetting and Selection

We specialize in meticulous carrier vetting and selection, ensuring we match you with reliable and trustworthy carriers for your transportation needs.

Freight Tracking and Visibility

With our advanced technology and systems, we provide comprehensive freight tracking and visibility solutions, enabling you to monitor and trace your shipments in real time for enhanced operational control and peace of mind.

Freight Rate Negotiation

Our expert team excels in freight rate negotiation, leveraging our industry knowledge and network to secure competitive rates that meet your budgetary requirements, ensuring cost-effective transportation solutions.

24/7 Customer Support

We take pride in offering round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that our dedicated team is available 24/7 to address your inquiries, provide assistance, and resolve any issues that may arise, providing you with reliable and prompt support whenever you need it.

Technology Solutions

Our company leverages cutting-edge technology solutions to revolutionize the logistics industry, empowering our clients with advanced tools, platforms, and software that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation in supply chain management.


LTL • Truckloads • Expedited

Whether it’s a local delivery or a long-haul shipment, our coverage areas encompass a vast network that ensures seamless and timely delivery for our valued customers.

  •   Unmatched Service Lanes

  • Hubs


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We understand the unique requirements of the food and beverage industry. Our expertise covers the transportation of perishable and non-perishable food items, beverages, and agricultural products. We ensure proper handling, temperature control, and timely delivery to maintain the freshness and quality of goods throughout the supply chain.


With our extensive network of carriers, we facilitate the transportation of retail goods, including apparel, electronics, home goods, and consumer packaged goods. Whether it’s a single store delivery or distribution to multiple retail locations, we optimize logistics to meet the specific demands of the retail industry. We assist in the transportation of a wide range of consumer goods, including household products, furniture, appliances, and personal care items. Our logistics solutions prioritize timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and proper handling to ensure customer satisfaction in the consumer goods industry.


We work closely with manufacturers to transport raw materials, components, and finished goods. Our logistics solutions cater to industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and industrial equipment. We understand the importance of efficiency, reliability, and just-in-time delivery in supporting manufacturing operations.


We specialize in handling the transportation of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment, and devices for healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical manufacturers. We prioritize the secure and timely delivery of healthcare products to support the critical needs of the healthcare industry.


Our freight brokerage services extend to the automotive industry, covering the transportation of vehicles, automotive parts, and accessories. We ensure the safe and efficient movement of automotive goods, working closely with suppliers, manufacturers, and dealerships to meet their specific requirements.


We work closely with warehouses and distribution centers to coordinate the transportation of goods to and from their facilities. This includes managing the movement of inventory, scheduling pickups and deliveries, and optimizing transportation routes to ensure timely and cost-effective logistics.


We specialize in efficiently coordinating the movement of steel, construction materials, and aluminum products, ensuring seamless supply chain management for our clients. With our extensive network of carriers and industry expertise, we offer reliable and cost-effective freight brokerage services tailored to specific needs of these sectors. Our dedicated team works diligently to optimize freight routes, negotiate competitive rates, and provide real-time tracking and communication, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods. By leveraging our knowledge and resources, we aim to streamline operations and contribute to the success of businesses in the steel, construction, and aluminum industries.



How can we get started with your freight brokerage company?

Initiating our partnership is a simple process. Just contact our team, and we will promptly assign you a dedicated account manager who will assist you throughout the onboarding process. We will gather all the details about your shipping requirements and preferences to develop a tailored plan for your business.

What sets your freight brokerage apart from other providers in the industry?

Our freight brokerage stands out due to two key factors: our extensive carrier network and personalized service. We have established strong relationships with reliable carriers, enabling us to offer a wide range of transportation options that cater to our client’s specific needs. Additionally, our dedicated customer service team provides attentive and responsive support throughout the entire shipping process.

How do you ensure the reliability and on-time delivery of shipments?

Ensuring the reliability and on-time delivery of shipments is of utmost importance to us. Our team utilizes advanced logistics technology, including GPS tracking and real-time updates, to closely monitor shipments and proactively address potential delays. We maintain open communication channels with carriers and shippers, promptly resolving any issues that may arise.

Can you explain how you have helped clients optimize their transportation costs?

We have successfully assisted numerous clients in optimizing their transportation costs. For instance, through our consolidation services, we have helped clients reduce expenses by combining multiple smaller shipments into a single truckload. Moreover, leveraging our extensive network and negotiation skills, we secure competitive rates with carriers, resulting in overall cost savings for our clients.

What technologies or tools do you utilize to enhance efficiency and visibility in the transportation process?

To enhance efficiency and visibility in the transportation process, we leverage state-of-the-art technology. Our transportation management system streamlines operations, automates processes, and provides real-time tracking and visibility of shipments. Through our online portal, clients can access shipment information, documentation, and analytics, empowering them to make informed decisions and effectively manage their supply chain.

How do you select and vet carriers in your network to ensure their reliability and compliance?

Ensuring carrier reliability and compliance is a top priority for us. We have a rigorous carrier selection and vetting process in place. Our evaluation criteria include assessing carriers’ safety records, insurance coverage, equipment capabilities, and compliance with industry regulations. Furthermore, we maintain ongoing relationships with carriers to foster trust and continually monitor their performance.

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